A Letter to All Corona Brides



Dear Corona Brides,

It’s a tough time, but you and the entire event industry will get through this together. We know that the vision of your perfect day seems so far-fetched right now. However- just know you have an entire industry behind you that wants nothing more than to give you the wedding of your dreams! And that we will! We thank you for postponing your dates! You will still have your perfect wedding, just a few months delayed. Maybe you will have that summer glow by the time your new date rolls around! Continue to think positive, this is a time to cherish what you do have! Your vows state that you will be together for better or for worse. Well, for worse starts now, things will get better! You will walk down the aisle surrounded by friends and family when it is safe to do so! Look forward to the amazing memories yet to come, and still enjoy your engagement! It already goes by so fast, now you have a little extra time to enjoy it!

Love Always,

Lauren Wallstedt

Olive & Ivy Events